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Lysander Xanthus and Eliza explore the Santa Ines Mission in Solvang, California for spirits and the residual energy of history. This is a psychic investigation, which means as intuitive and mediums we explore the property, without use of usual ghost hunting equipment.

Filmed in August 2019.

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Identifier: naturalisationof00podmrich
Title: The naturalisation of the supernatural
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Podmore, Frank, 1856-1910 Society for Psychical Research (London, England)
Subjects: Parapsychology — Research
Publisher: New York and London : G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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ked P. i, H.s picture, in her own words : Ship leaving Port Gavin, very tall, brown, central mast,white sails—the whole showing against a brilliant blue sea,with dark brown rocks on one side. For H.s drawing, seePlate, fig. A. I. She had seen this on the Cornish coast, when on a visitwithout me, and had been struck with the beauty of colour-ing. She was disappointed at my not seeing the rocks. (b) My description : Fat insect—no, child—child with its back to me, and armsand legs stretched out ; colour reddish brown in the centre ;shiny bright head, very solid body. (See Plate, fig. P. 2.) H.s picture : Baby—in a passion, standing in the corner with his faceto the wall. The child in question had very shining, bright hair, muchbrighter, as H. said, than his frock, which was white (notbrown). He stood with legs and arms outstretched. (c) My description : Large globe on the top of a pillar—base indistinct—cannotsee colour of globe ; it is light, has reflections, is dazzling and

Text Appearing After Image:
so Experimental Thought Transference bright—perhaps an electric light on the top of a pillar. (SeePlate, fig. P. 3.) H.s picture : Sun setting behind point of hill, so that a little notch istaken out of the disc of the sun by the point of the hill. Thewhole scene is distant, lower ranges of hills leading up to thehighest, behind this is the setting sun. Mist over the lowerpart. (See Plate, fig. A. 3.) (d) My description, verbatim. H.s comments in italics. Scene, outdoors—colour, green. Ves. Right hand definite, left hand undefined, e. g. on right hand,mountain or hill, line of trees, house. Which ? Right hand, hill—green hill, clear outline. Something atbottom of hill, behind it sea—or before it. Purplish fiat sur-face fills middle of picture. Object (at foot of hill) not nat-ural—mechanical, geometrical in outline. How large ? Cant see size ; colour, white and red. No horizontal lines ;(lines) vertical and aslant. H.s picture : Dieppe as seen from the steamer (six months benaturalisationof00podmrich

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Guys, I forgot to mention a karmic knot tied on his sleeve (shoulder) which is a part of this tower moment and spiritual awakening.

Remember! Once a picture was taken and shared on social media, the program starts working. Taking pictures u r programming ur future. Believe it or not. Fewer pictures – more variants of the future!

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Photo by Chuck Rogers.

"The Carpetbag Brigade is a kinetic hybrid between the worlds of theater, dance, and circus. Directed by Jay Ruby and Kristen Greco, The Carpetbag Brigade began in Prescott, Arizona as the founders and core performers at the Tsunami on the Square Festival. In Prescott the company developed into a unique, wide-ranging physical theater ensemble fusing acrobatic stilt dance with Butoh and Contact Improvisation. The company creates original productions, known for poetic dialogue, mythic imagery and fostering a sense of psychic intimacy. Carpetbag uses the dramaturgical scaffolds of European physical theater to create site-specific performances and a touring repertoire."

The annual Sand City West End Celebration is a blend of art and industry in the transformed area dubbed ‘SoHo West’ of Sand City, California, USA. "The community opens their doors with music, dance, street performances, local restaurateurs and food producers in celebrating Sand City’s unique ways of living and working together." "The prime attraction of Sand City is indeed its sense of artistic community. Their collective identity creates a community of innovation on all levels. Sand City responds to the ways creativity needs to be nurtured and develops long-term relationships with artists, businesses and corporate partners." Sand City is 10 minutes from downtown Monterey and 86 miles south of San Francisco.


Letters from the battlefront to children or younger siblings often included horrific details of battles. In come cases the letters also employed the horror of war and death as a not-so-subtle enjoinder to behave at home so that God would look kindly on their fathers in time of battle. The historian James Marten quotes Private Henry Abbott’s letter to his children: "Now you must be good all the time & remember, when you get mad & begin to cry, it makes the rebel bullets come a good deal nearer to me."

Two other children, Hilga and Edmund Heg, worked hard to be good and keep their father and brother alive; unfortunately, Marten concludes, "they may have paid a huge psychic price when [their father] Colonel Heg was killed at Chickamuaga."

~ from Upon the Altar of the Nation: A Moral History of the Civil War, by Harry S. Stout

Hans Christian Heg (21 December 1829 – 20 September 1863) was a Norwegian- American politician and soldier in the American Civil War from Wisconsin.

Heg was born at Haugestad in the community of Lierbyen in Lier, Buskerud, Norway on December 21, 1829. He was the eldest of the four children of an innkeeper. His father, Even Hansen Heg (1790–1850), moved his family to America in 1840, settling in the Muskego Settlement in Wisconsin. Hans Heg was eleven years old when his family arrived in Muskego. He soon earned a reputation for himself as being a gifted boy.

At twenty years old, lured by the discovery of gold in the Sacramento Valley, he and three friends joined the army of "Forty-Niners". He spent the next two years prospecting for gold in California. Upon the death of his father, he returned to the Muskego area in 1851.

He married Gunhild Einong, daughter of a Norwegian immigrant.

Heg became a rising young politician who found slavery abhorrent. He became a member of the Free Soil Party. Heg was a major in the 4th Wisconsin Militia and served as Wisconsin State Prison Commissioner. He was the first Norwegian born candidate elected state-wide in Wisconsin. He soon joined the recently formed Republican Party. and was an outspoken anti-slavery activist and a leader of Wisconsin’s Wide Awakes, an anti-slave catcher militia.

With the outbreak of the Civil War, Heg was appointed by Governor Alexander Randall as colonel of the 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment. Appealing to all young "Norsemen," he said, "the government of our adopted country is in danger. It is our duty as brave and intelligent citizens to extend our hands in defense of the cause of our Country and of our homes."

The 15th Wisconsin was called the Scandinavian Regiment since its soldiers were almost all immigrants from Norway, with some from Denmark and Sweden. It was the only all Scandinavian regiment in the Union Army.

On 8 October 1862, Colonel Heg led his regiment into its first action at the Battle of Perryville. Despite being under fire while being driven back several miles by the enemy, the 15th Wisconsin suffered few casualties and no fatalities. However, one of those hurt was Colonel Heg, who was injured when his horse fell.

Heg commanded the regiment during the Battle of Stones River. In response to his conduct at Stones River, Maj. Gen. William Rosecrans placed Colonel Heg in command of the newly formed 3rd Brigade of the 1st Division, XX Corps, Army of the Cumberland, on 1 May 1863.

On 19 September 1863, Colonel Heg led his brigade at the Battle of Chickamauga, where he was mortally wounded. Heg "was shot through the bowels and died the next day." Upon hearing of Heg’s death, Rosecrans expressed regret, saying he had intended to promote Heg to brigadier general. As it was, Colonel Heg was the highest-ranked Wisconsin soldier killed in combat during the Civil War.

Heg was buried at the Norway Lutheran Church Cemetery near Wind Lake, Wisconsin.

In 1936 his letters were published in a book edited by Theodore Blegen titled The Civil War Letters of Colonel Hans Christian Heg".


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Lysander Xanthus and Eliza explore the Santa Ines Mission in Solvang, California for spirits and the residual energy of history. This is a psychic investigation, which means as intuitive and mediums we explore the property, without use of usual ghost hunting equipment.

Filmed in August 2019.

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